Rabu, 09 Oktober 2013

2014 Victory Cross Country Tour First Ride

The idea is to create a more fan-friendly, action-packed event. Unlike college wrestling , there wont be a match time limit, and there wont be a set number of periods, continued Moore, who was 118-pound champ for Oklahoma State at the 1998 NCAAs. There are two ways for a wrestler to win: by pinning his opponent, or by being the first to score ten points. There will be competition in five weight classes, including 155. Wrestlers competing in the 133-pound weight class were announced Monday night. In addition to 133 and 155, Tour ACW weight classes include 170, 205, and 265 pounds.

Thompson Peak Parkway north to McDowell Mountain Ranch Road 19. McDowell Mountain Ranch Road east/northeast to Bell Road 20. Bell Road west to Thompson Peak Parkway 21.

Victory made the primary gauges analog, the speedo and tach are large and placed in the middle of the front fairing so they are easily viewable at speed. A small digital display between them includes a helpful gear indicator, clock, ambient temperature gauge, and odometer. One of the Cross Country Tours other cool features is the fact that its topcase can be removed. Simply unplug the wiring couplet for the brake lights mounted in the topcase, slide it back out of the mounting brackets and now youre riding a bagger. Attend just about any major American biker rally and the motorcycle youll see more than any other is Harley-Davidsons Ultra Classic Electra Glide.

Tour Down the Shizzle Creek in Pleasanton, CA Today

Dublin, Pleasanton, and southern San Ramon generate up to 10 million gallons of wastewater every day that must be handled efficiently and safely to protect public health. Increasingly, wastewater treatment is a resource recovery operation that generates recycled water to irrigate green spaces and biofuel that can generate heat and electricity. The tour highlights these processes as well as career opportunities in the water industry. DSRSD offers public tours quarterly on the second Wednesdays of April, July, October, and January.

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